Reducing the costs of household bills

Look thoroughly at your spending costs and view if there’s anything you have ability to reduce. For example you can compare gas and electricity companies and go for whoever is the cheapest.

Water costs

This information applies to England, Wales and Scotland.

If you currently possess a water meter and an individual in your home acquires benefits, it might be feasible to get the quantity you are paying capped. To get a water cap you need to be getting benefits or …..

  • have three or more children under the age of 19¬†logbook lending
  • You or someone in your household must have a medical condition that means they use a lot of extra water.

If you get accepted, your costs will be restricted the average household bill for your particular water company. Contact your water supplier for an application.

In Scotland, current water charges are collected by your local authority at the same time as your council tax. If you are considering having you’re water meter installed, you should check with Scottish water to see if it would be a cheaper option you then paying log book lending¬†charges to your local authority.

Energy costs

There are lots of ways to save money on fuel costs. These include:

  • Improving energy efficiency in your home, for example, installing insulation. You may be able to get a grant to help you improve energy efficiency in your home
  • getting a grant to help you pay off fuel debts (England, Wales and Scotland only)
  • paying a reduced rate to your energy supplier if you’re on a low-income or a vulnerable customer such as an older person or someone with long-term health problems (England, Wales and Scotland only)
  • Changing your fuel supplier (England, Wales and Scotland only).
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